Indonesian Welding Society – Authorized Nominated Body (IWS-ANB)

IWS-ANB - The Authorized Nominated Body of Indonesian Welding Society was established in 2008 and was authorized by IIW-IAB the International Authorization Board of the International Institute of Welding in 2010. The purpose of IWS-ANB is to offer IIW-IAB's internationally recognized qualifications for personnel acting in the field of welding and allied technologies.

Since 2011, IWS-ANB has implemented the international system for the education, training, qualification, and certification of personnel. After a decade, IWS-ANB has graduated more than 600 Welding Coordinator Personnel, Welding Inspection Personnel as well as Welders. They are now working in various industries in Indonesia and abroad.

The vision of IWS-ANB:

“To be the center of excellence and the leader in education, examination, and qualification of welding personnel in Indonesia”

The missions of IWS-ANB:

1. To maintain the ANB status from IIW.

2. To develop and provide technical assistance for the training centers.

3. To provide consultations and technical assistance to the industries.

4. To assist the government in order to develop national standards.

5. To fortify the link between industrials, government, and training centers through joint research and cooperation.

6. To collaborate with worldwide education institutions to develop formal education in welding practice and engineering.

7. To collaborate with other worldwide recognized and reputable welding institutions/associations in developing welding technology.

8. To participate in international events and organizations.